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Trump Meets With Putin for Summit in Helsinki

Trump Meets With Putin for Summit in Helsinki On Monday, the U.S. and Russian Presidents sat down for a conference to discuss a broad range of topics and bilateral ties. Trump entered the meeting after bashing previous U.S. policy toward Russia in a tweet. Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs "liked" the tweet and retweeted it with the comment "We agree." The summit has no stated agenda, and the two leaders blew past their allotted 90 minutes of speaking alone. For pundits who are suspicious of Trump's ties to Russia, these two aspects of the summit are worrisome. Trump is expected to at least bring up Russian hacking of the Democratic National Convention's servers. On Friday, the U.S. special counsel's team indicted 12 Russian military intelligence officers over the incident. Syria, Ukraine, and arms control are other likely topics of conversation. The two are scheduled to hold a working lunch and a

Source: Inform News

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