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NASA Plans to Leave Astronauts on the Moon in the Next Decade

NASA plans to leave astronauts on the moon in next decade The United States hasn't sent astronauts back to the moon since 1972 due to budget costs. Instead, outer space exploration has become a race within the private sector. But under the Trump administration, NASA plans to soon return to space through partnerships with companies like Moon Express. Such public-private partnerships help NASA to lower its costs, while further developing important instruments for space discovery. NASA's proposed partnerships might also strike the interest of billionaires who support a sustainable lunar program. Jeff Bezos is one such billionaire. Jeff Bezos, via 'USA TODAY' Paul Spudis, lunar scientist, via 'USA TODAY' The plan exists on paper, but NASA's budgets and itinerary are vague. The first launch of their Space Launch System rocket is expected in 2020, with an Orion crew hopefully flying around the moon in 2023.

Source: Inform News

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