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Hurricane Irma vs. Hurricane Andrew: Which was worse?

Hurricane Irma stole the title for most powerful Atlantic hurricane in recorded history. Before Irma, Hurricane Andrew devastated southwest Miami as a category 5 hurricane in 1992. How do the two compare? Andrew wreaked havoc between August 16 to August 18 in '92 while Irma started her path around September 6th. In scale, Irma is much, much bigger than Andrew was. Irma’s sustained winds are 185 miles per hour while Andrew's was 143. Andrew claimed 65 lives across Dade County, Louisiana, and the Bahamas. While Irma is still on her course, she has killed 20 people and affected up to 1.2 million people. Andrew was the costliest storm, racking up $25 million in damages. Right now, Irma is predicted to cost up to $100 million due to rebuilding the island of Barbuda.

Source: Inform News

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